FansUnite Webinar May 2020

FansUnite is building global infrastructure to connect the world’s gaming platforms through new technology. Find out more about FansUnite's approach to capturing value in the growing sports betting market.

Why Invest?


FansUnite’s innovative B2B technology infrastructure is a future-facing solution for the sports betting industry.


Sports betting, eSports and gaming are rapidly growing markets across the globe with strong demographics as more countries opening their doors to gaming.


Aggressive roll-up strategy targeting businesses in the gaming industry with active user-bases, revenues and growth potential



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Press Releases

June 2, 2020
Saxon Shadforth Joins Board
Global Gaming Veteran Saxon Shadforth Joins FansUnite
May 20, 2020
McBookie Acquisition
FansUnite Entertainment Inc. Introduces McBookie Ltd Acquisition
May 12, 2020
Stock Options Issuance
FansUnite Entertainment Inc. Issues Stock Options to Directors, Officers and Consultants
May 11, 2020
Corporate Strategy
FansUnite Entertainment Inc. Provides Corporate Strategy Outlook for 2020
May 5, 2020
CSE Listing
FansUnite Entertainment Inc. begins trading on the Canadian Securi8es Exchange under ticker symbol “FANS”
May 4, 2020
Loan Interest Acquisition
FansUnite Entertainment Inc. completes acquisition of an interest in a loan agreement.

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